Stage Two Guitar Practice – Metronome & Pressure Points

Now I’ll show you how to locate your “Pressure Point”. This is crucial for improving as fast as possible on guitar


Due to the work you’ve already done in Stage One you can be sure that you’ve already successfully programmed what you’re trying to learn securely in your mind.

In stage two we introduce the use of a metronome for 1 very important reason… to find your “Pressure Point”.

Start at a slow tempo and gradually increase the click speed of the metronome until you find that you just about do the exercise but it’s kind of on the verge of falling apart. This is your “pressure point”.

Record the name of the exercise in your practice note pad and the tempo of your pressure point.

From Now On You’ll Spend All Your Practice Time In And Around This Pressure Point!

Reduce the click speed by 15BPM and build back up to your PP (pressure point). Then try to push past it by 2 – 6BPM before coming back down again. Keep repeating this process over and over.

This process will dramatically increase the rate at which you’ll improve on guitar. The key is that you’re constantly asking your mind to meet the realistic challenge you’ve set for it. This is how professional musicians on all instruments get good!

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00. Introduction

01. Stage 1 Guitar Practice – Mental Programming

02. Stage 2 Guitar Practice – Metronome & Pressure Points

03. Practicing Chords And Strumming

04. How To Structure A Practice Session

05. Frequently Asked Questions About Practicing

  • How Long Should You Practice Guitar Each Day?
  • Is It Better To Practice Guitar Daily Or To Take One Day Off Each Week?
  • How Long Does It Take To See Results From Guitar Practice?
  • What If I Simply Can’t Make Progress No Matter How Much Practice I Do?

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