Open Tunings – DADGAD

open-tunings-dadgadIt’s a complete myth that you can only tune your guitar one way. Actually there are many different ways a guitar can be tuned and bands are using these “alternate tuning’s” quite a lot even though most of the time you’re not aware of it.

In this course we take one of the most popular open tuning’s of all called DADGAD and I’ll show you how you can very easily make some beautiful music on guitar using that tuning.

One of the most interesting things is that in many ways open tuning actually make your guitar easier to play!

You’ll see what I mean in the lessons below!

Course Details

  • Running time: 1hr 55min
  • 19 HD video lessons
  • Course book (21 pages, TAB)
  • Backing tracks
  • Works on iPhone/iPad/Android

What You Will Get From This Course

  • Much of this course is played using only 1 finger! Incredible but true.
  • How to get your guitar set up perfectly in an Open Tuning in less than a minute
  • The 3 patterns I use to easily create beautiful textures with chords in Open Tunings
  • The simple system I use to make fingerstyle patterns as easy as 1-2-3 to master
  • A complete library of beautiful chords you can play using just one finger
  • There’s not a single Barre Chord in the entire course, the most you’ll ever use are 2 fingers!
  • How to find the “hidden doors” and effortlessly slip between the cracks of the major and minor key

Who Is This Course For?

Beginners – Advanced players will all benefit from this course because it breaks completely free of the confines of standard tuning and in many ways makes guitar a lot easier to play.


Introduction: What This Is All About [4:15]

Video 1: The Special Way To Tune Your Guitar [3:31]

Video 2: The Home Chord & The Right Hand [4:28]

Video 3: Practice Patterns 1 & 2 [4:49]

Video 4: Practice Patterns 3 & 4 [6:14]

Video 5: One Finger Chords & Progressions [4:39]

Video 6: One Finger Chords & Progressions [4:41]

Video 7: One Finger Chords & Progressions [4:19]

Video 8: One Finger Chords & Progressions [8:41]

Video 9: One Finger Chords & Progressions [6:07]

Video 10: Two Finger Chords & Progressions [4:47]

Video 11: Two Finger Chords & Progressions [4:58]

Video 12: Two Finger Chords & Progressions [5:39]

Video 13: A Complete Key – Putting It All Together [7:05]

Video 14: The Hidden Door [4:40]

Video 15: Blending The Colors Together [2:54]

Video 16: Into Light [3:56]

Video 17: Into Darkness [9:51]

Video 18: Backing Tracks [10:02]

Video 19: Backing Tracks [9:48]