My Top 20 Essential Guitar Strums

strumsIn this course I’ve opened Pandora’s Box on my 20 most important and essential guitar strumming patterns.

This will be all you’ll ever need to play practically any song you hear for here on out.

What you’re getting here are my custom built strums which I’ve used exclusively for years now. So they are battle-tested and work a treat!

Course Details

  • Running Time: 1hr 51mins
  • 22 HD video lessons
  • 25 page course book
  • 40 backing tracks
  • iPad/iPhone/Android compatible

What You Will Get From This Course

  • A complete library of strums allowing you to play practically any song you come across
  • How to make your strumming sound smooth and professional using a simple 3-step-formula
  • How to instantly ‘hear’ in your mind the correct strum for a song before you pick up your guitar
  • The secret to changing quickly & smoothly between all your chords
  • The ultimate way to practice and improve as quickly as possible

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone who is still struggling to get their strumming to sound professional, clean and tight. This course also works well for those of you having problems with timing and keeping up with songs



Introduction: [0:40]

Video 1: Basic Strum [3:58]

Video 2: Universal Strum #1 [7:01]

Video 3: Old Time Classic [4:32]

Video 4: Ballad [3:56]

Video 5: Universal Strum #2 [5:30]

Video 6: 1950’s Strum [4:28]

Video 7: Six-Eight Strum [3:50]

Video 8: HD Shuffle [5:20]

Video 9: Classic Country [4:46]

Video 10: Johnny Cash Strum [2:52]

Video 11: Accent Strum [5:16]

Video 12: Three-Four Strum [4:44]

Video 13: Universal Strum #3 [5:06]

Video 14: Rock Mute [3:24]

Video 15: Blues Shuffle [4:42]

Video 16: Spanish Fire [4:44]

Video 17: Beatles Pop Shuffle [5:29]

Video 18: Reggae [3:16]

Video 19: U2 Strum [3:16]

Video 20: Handmade [5:41]

Bonus Videos

Video 21: Hearing Strums In Your Head  [10.20]

Video 22: How To Practice Perfectly [18:15]

Examples Of Songs With The Strums