Music Theory In Plain English

music-theoryMany teachers over-complicate the topic of music theory (often in a vain attempt to make themselves appear intelligent) and this is a shame because it discourages many people from learning exactly how music works which will actually make you a better guitar player.

So I’ve decided to give you own guide to music theory in plain English in the hope that you’ll discover that actually… I can understand this! It’s not that hard.

So watch over my shoulder and make sure you’re writing your own notes as you go through the lessons. Remember… any questions or doubts just email me.

Course Details

  • Running Time: 1hr 12min
  • 10 video lessons
  • Works on iPhone/iPad/Android

What You Will Get From This Course

  • An excellent grounding in the mechanics of music and how it works in plain, simple English!
  • The basic building blocks of music and how this raw material is organized
  • How intervals are used to construct chords and how to name them all
  • They secret to understanding the relationship between chords, scales and keys
  • What songwriters know and how they use it to write songs and music
  • Plus much, much more!

Who Is This Course For?

Absolutely everyone. There’s no excuse for ignorance… music theory is easy to understand (when explained simply) and will remove much of the mystery that has always frustrated you.


Video 1: The 12 Musical Notes [3:37]

Video 2: The Structure Of Keys [4:58]

Video 3: How To Form Chord Triads [6:16]

Video 4: How To Name Chords [7:45]

Video 5: How Scales Are Formed [6:48]

Video 6: The Picture So Far [6:19]

Video 7: Notation and Transposition [8:43]

Video 8: The Relative Minor [8:00]

Video 9: Close Relations & Substitutions [8:03]

Video 10: Chord Extensions [12:12]