The Ultimate Quick-Start Course

quickThe idea behind this early DVD was to give beginners wishing to learn guitar a very compact system of strums and chords which would allow them to begin playing songs as quickly as possible.

In other words, the maximum reward for the minimum amount of learning time.

That’s where the name “Guitar in a Nutshell” comes from. It was born out of that idea.

The content and ideas in the lessons below are covered in much better detail on the Guitar For Beginners main course however I thought I’d include this very first DVD as well because it’s where it all started. It deserves it’s place on this website.

Course Details

  • Running time: 49min
  • Course book (17 pages, text & diagrams)
  • 4 modules
  • Watch it online
  • Works  on iPhone/iPad/Android
What You Will Get From This Course

  • The most powerful and compact beginners course on guitar around
  • How to play 100’s of songs with the minimum amount of information
  • The 3 most important strumming patterns you can know
  • The 10 most important chords you can know
  • Practice routines and drills to perfect every aspect the course
  • The secret to changing chords faster using “connectors” and “train lines”
  • 3 rules guaranteed to make every chord you play sound perfect
Who Is This Course For?

Perfect for rank beginners on acoustic guitar or anyone looking for the ultimate quick refresher course to bring themselves back up to speed.


Module 1: Birdseye view of the system. How to make all your chords sound perfect. Your first 3 chords and a powerful universal strumming pattern. Introduction to the concept of using “connectors” for fast chord changes. [9:58]

Module 2: Next 3 essential chords plus the perfect practice progressions to keep everything super easy to manage. Universal strum #2. [12:17]

Module 3: Making a massive leap forward in chords with the full library of “connector drills”. Popular song progressions, homework assignment and a “don’t look” challenge. [16:04]

Module 4: Universal strum #3 and the final 2 essential chords you must know bringing the total to 10. More practice progressions and a final summary of exactly where to go from here using the information you’ve learned [10:45]