Songs For Beginners

songbookThis course was designed especially for beginners looking to play their first proper songs on guitar but it also works fantastic for those of you still struggling to put your first song together even though you might have been playing awhile!

Each progression will fit a very famous song and each one comes with a file you can load into the Practice Software giving you a fun backing track you can play along to.

Of course, you can slow the tempo down in the software however much you need to which is a great help.

In short… this course will help you “put it altogether” and really get you going on guitar!

Course Details

  • Running Time: 1hr 24min
  • 27 HD video lessons
  • Practice software files included
  • Works on iPad/iPhone/Android

What You Will Get From This Course

  • A collection of very famous songs on guitar to play which are not too hard
  • The perfect way to take all you’ve learned and really “put it together” so you can move forward
  • Software that will literally force you to dramatically  increase your chord changing speed
  • An ideal way to develop rock solid timing and rhythm in your strumming

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone looking to play their first easy songs on guitar. You will need to have learned all the open chords and strum patterns we recommend for beginners – ideally you will have already completed the “Guitar for Beginners” course we provide.


Start Video – ***VERY IMPORTANT ADVICE*** Please heed this advice as it can really mean the difference between your success or failure on guitar. Too many beginners quit because they fall into this trap. [2:27]

Video 1 – This is a very popular song progression, we play it with an old fashioned 50′s type strum here. Try using it to play along to “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King (Do a YouTube search) and you should find the strum and chords fit perfectly. You’ll be able to play all the way through! [3:35]

Video 2 – Classic song progression here, on this one we employ Strum No.2 and you’ll be able to play along to a song like “Hotel California” from start to finish with this one. Cool stuff. Just upload it into the Practice Software. [2:37]

Video 3 – This one is a personal favorite of mine. We’re playing this one with a great sounding Accent strum (isolating 2 bass notes on each chord) and it’s going to work great with a track like “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” by Greenday. [2:18]

Video 4 – Here’s an old one for you. You can use Strum No.3 or an Accented one (both are shown in the video). You’ll instantly recognize this one as coming from “Let It Be” by The Beatles. Superb fun with the backing track. [2:58]

Video 5 – This is a long sequence but it’s Strum No.1 all the way. You can play along to a song like “Take It Easy”(I prefer the Jackson Browne version) with this and it’ll fit perfectly. Start slow in the Practice Software and build your way up to tempo step-by-step. [2:29]

Video 6 – I’m mixing in some hybrid picking here with Strum No.1 for a very nice effect. Sounds great with the backing track. You can play along to a song like “Tequila Sunrise” by The Eagles from start to finish with this progression. You’ll love it. [3:55]

Video 7 – Have you mastered your Country Strum from Level 3? You’ll need it for this one, very long progression but it’s nice and slow. You’ll be able to sing along to a classic Willie Nelson tune with this one “Blue Eyes Cryin’ In The Rain”. [4:50]

Video 8 – This one is a little unusual because we get to isolate the bass notes on a Strum No.1 (something we don’t normally do). Anyway this one will set you up for a song like Van Morrisons “Brown Eyed Girl”. It’s a great one for beginners, use the Practice Software to get it up to speed gradually. [2:11]

Video 9 – Everyone should know how to get that typical Johhny Cash sound. Here’s how you do it. This progression will fit perfectly with “Folsom Prison Blues”, jut make sure that you master your slow Country Strum first, then it’ll be easy just to speed it up.[2:13]

Video 10 – This is a long sequence but very common and not too fast, nice and easy with Strum No.1. You’ll find this one fit’s perfectly with “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” by CCR. I know a lot of you are going to love jamming with this inside the software. [3:01]

Video 11 – Love this next one. It’s a minor progression that sounds awesome with an Accent Strum where we isolate 2 bass notes on each chord. You’ll find this perfect for “Heart Of Gold” by Neil Young. [3:34]

Video 12 – This is a very famous song progression which is instantly recognizable especially when you combine it with 3/4 Arpeggio Picking (taught in Level 3). Play along to“House Of The Rising Sun” all day long with this one. [3:19]

Video 13 – Simple tune. Mixing Strum No.2 and 3 together with just 4 chords. You’ll be able to play the classic Bob Dylan song “Knockin’ On Heavens Door”, or the Guns n’ Roses version if you prefer! [3:55]

Video 14 – The video for this one shows a pretty unique strum… it’s just DUDUDU all the way. Sounds like it wouldn’t work musically but it really does and it fits Tom Petty’s “Learning To Fly” like a glove too. Just 4 chords and that simple strum all the way through. [1:48]

Video 15 – This is a haunting progression played almost entirely with Strum No.1 in the key of A minor. If you search YouTube for a song called “Losing My Religion” by REM (huge hit) you’ll be able to play along with this strum and progression right the way through. Just drill it in the practice software first. [3:16]

Video 16 – Another one that uses Strum No.1 all the way through. The progression is huge (32 bars!) but it’ll set you up perfectly to play along with a song like “Lyin’ Eyes” by The Eagles. Good example too of how chord families can be mixed together to make pro sounding progressions. [4:30]

Video 17 – 3/4 arpeggio picking patterns are used here, this is a classic song progression featured in “When A Man Loves A Woman”. Load up the file into the software and drill it until you have it perfect then go try to play along to the original tune. [2:32]

Video 18 – This is one of my personal favorites. It’s just 3 chords played through with a great sounding Accent Strum for a beautiful sound. This combination will fit tunes like “First Cut Is The Deepest” by either Sheryl Crow or Cat Stevens. [2:53]

Video 19 – The next sequence is 16 bars long but it’s TOTALLY GORGEOUS and will get you through Elton John’s classic hit of “Your Song”. Isolating 2 bass notes in each chord works like a dream here. Also, watch out for a killer passing chord opportunity. [4:16]

Video 20 – This tune is a lot of fun. It’s played with a Shuffle Strum with many slight variations… sometimes isolating the bass notes and sometimes not. The chord progression is used in a Beatles song called “With A Little Help From My Friends”, you’ve probably heard of it :-) It’s just a little bit famous. [3:34]

Video 21 – These progressions start off minor and open up into a major tonality for the 2nd line. Get this one down and you’ll be able to play along to “Mr Jones” by Counting Crows. More good news… you can play this one from start to finish with a straight Strum No.1 [2:11]

Video 22 – The progression here is comprised of all major chords and is considered a classic, you’ll be able to play along with “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix once you get this down and it uses Strum No.3 or an Accented strum right the way through. [2:24]

Video 23 – I love this next one, the progression is featured in a James Taylor song called “Fire and Rain”– classic and beautiful tune. The Bm7 chord fits gorgeously in the 2nd part, a nice example of why IT IS an essential chord to know! You’ll have fun all day long playing this with the Practice Software. [5:07]

Video 24 – This is an old progression that works very well at slow tempos emphasizing the bass notes of each chord in the sequence. One example of where it’s used is on a track by Cat Stevens called “Father and Son”. [2:15]

Video 25 – I’m going to get all ‘girly’ on you now. This one is a nice sounding set of chords that’s featured in the track“Eternal Flame” by The Bangles. Play through it ballad style with the backing track and enjoy all the nicely placed dominant 7 chords. Clever stuff. [2:19]

Video 26 – Pretty lively at 160bpm this one, hope you’re ready! You’ll need to have your Shuffle Feel Accented Strum down very well to get this one. It’s the kind of progression you could play all day on a loop inside the Practice Software and it’ll get you through “Bad Moon Rising” by CCR. [3:32]