Perfectionism In Practice And Why It Can Destroy You

Some people want to completely master each step of guitar before moving forward but this is actually a recipe for disaster!

This page is a little word of warning for you.

As you are going through the lessons inside the members area please don’t get caught up on thinking that you have to master each step perfectly before you can move on to the next one.

Using logic, that “perfectionism” approach seems to make sense but in reality it tends to only stifle and slow down progress. I saw proof of it many times with my private students.

How Good Is Good Enough?

If you can do something 70 – 80% OK on guitar then move forward.

It’s much better to work through the course lessons from start to finish with that kind of an average percentage than to get stuck on lesson 6 for months because you’re waiting for everything to be perfect before continuing to lesson 7.

I hope that makes sense.

Once you go through the course achieving those kinds of percentages you can always go back to the beginning and repeat it from scratch again. You’ll also have your practice sessions to really focus in upon your problem areas.

Make a conscious effort to keep things moving forward, and don’t get caught up on wanting some chord change to be perfect before you’ll continue on. That’s just asking for frustration.

As the weeks go by you’ll find that your playing improves on different levels

Sometimes the improvement will be very specific while other times you’ll experience an overall, general improvement right across the board. This is just how it tends to work.

What I noticed with my students was that this was also a question of personality.

Some people are born with a tendency towards achieving perfection! If that’s you then please beware of this when it comes to learning guitar and heed my advice here…

You’ll achieve far much more by having a balance between perfection and progress. Do your best by all means, give it 110% but avoid getting ‘stuck’ because you’re insisting that everything is perfect before you’ll move forward.

Speaking of moving forward… let’s get into the most fun part now, guitar songs!

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00. Introduction

01. Stage 1 Guitar Practice – Mental Programming

02. Stage 2 Guitar Practice – Metronome & Pressure Points

03. Practicing Chords And Strumming

04. How To Structure A Practice Session

05. Frequently Asked Questions About Practicing

  • How Long Should You Practice Guitar Each Day?
  • Is It Better To Practice Guitar Daily Or To Take One Day Off Each Week?
  • How Long Does It Take To See Results From Guitar Practice?
  • What If I Simply Can’t Make Progress No Matter How Much Practice I Do?

06. How To Construct A Practice Schedule – You Have To Be Realistic!

07. A Secret The Pro’s Would Rather You Didn’t Know – The Art Of “Mental Practice”

08. Why Learning Songs Is The WORST WAY TO PRACTICE GUITAR!

09. What To Do When You Get Bored Or Frustrated With Practicing

10. Perfectionism In Practice And Why It Can Destroy You