How To Structure A Practice Session

Here’s the best way to structure your practice sessions so that you get the maximum benefit from them


I recommend a practice time of around 40 minutes as being ideal for most people and especially for beginners.

Within that time you should have decided 3 things in advance that you’re going to practice. These would be your 3 Points Of Focus.

During practice make a habit of consistently jumping between those 3 things – the reason why is explained in the video.

By Structuring Your Practice Time In This Way You’ll Get The Most Out Of It And Should Start To Notice The Changes Within One Week

Now let’s move on and answer some of the most commonly asked questions students have about guitar practice!

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00. Introduction

01. Stage 1 Guitar Practice – Mental Programming

02. Stage 2 Guitar Practice – Metronome & Pressure Points

03. Practicing Chords And Strumming

04. How To Structure A Practice Session

05. Frequently Asked Questions About Practicing

  • How Long Should You Practice Guitar Each Day?
  • Is It Better To Practice Guitar Daily Or To Take One Day Off Each Week?
  • How Long Does It Take To See Results From Guitar Practice?
  • What If I Simply Can’t Make Progress No Matter How Much Practice I Do?

06. How To Construct A Practice Schedule – You Have To Be Realistic!

07. A Secret The Pro’s Would Rather You Didn’t Know – The Art Of “Mental Practice”

08. Why Learning Songs Is The WORST WAY TO PRACTICE GUITAR!

09. What To Do When You Get Bored Or Frustrated With Practicing

10. Perfectionism In Practice And Why It Can Destroy You