Stage One Guitar Practice – Mental Programming

In the video below I’ll show you how to deeply program into your mind what you are trying to learn.


It’s important to visualize your mind as a tape recorder when you practice guitar. It’s listening and recording everything you do.

If you practice in an impatient way, going to fast and making lots of mistakes then that’s exactly the way your mind will play it back to you.

Instead, it’s crucial that you learn to be patient and play through what you’re trying to learn so slowly that it becomes impossible for you to make a mistake. Your mind will record these ‘perfect takes’ and deeply learn what you’re working on.

Practicing is hard work for this reason. It takes a lot of discipline.

Most People Fail On Guitar Not Because They Lack Musical Talent But Because They Never Learned How To Practice Correctly

So in stage one practice the ideal thing to is concentrate on playing what you are trying to learn so slowly that you STOP making mistakes and allow your mind to record these ‘perfect takes’ multiple times over.

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00. Introduction

01. Stage 1 Guitar Practice – Mental Programming

02. Stage 2 Guitar Practice – Metronome & Pressure Points

03. Practicing Chords And Strumming

04. How To Structure A Practice Session

05. Frequently Asked Questions About Practicing

  • How Long Should You Practice Guitar Each Day?
  • Is It Better To Practice Guitar Daily Or To Take One Day Off Each Week?
  • How Long Does It Take To See Results From Guitar Practice?
  • What If I Simply Can’t Make Progress No Matter How Much Practice I Do?

06. How To Construct A Practice Schedule – You Have To Be Realistic!

07. A Secret The Pro’s Would Rather You Didn’t Know – The Art Of “Mental Practice”

08. Why Learning Songs Is The WORST WAY TO PRACTICE GUITAR!

09. What To Do When You Get Bored Or Frustrated With Practicing

10. Perfectionism In Practice And Why It Can Destroy You