The Best Way To Practice Strumming On Guitar

My top advice for how you should practice in order to achieve a really professional strumming sound

When it comes to practicing strumming patterns the first thing you must get is a set of drum tracks like we we have on this site or a metronome. This is important because you need to be able to adjust the tempos and set up a framework within your practice session.

It’s also the secret to developing control and consistency.

Rehearse the patterns using muted strings at first and only introduce chords later on once you’re fully comfortable at playing the strum with muted strings across a wide range of different tempos.

You Can Find An Online Metronome For Free, Just Google “free online metronome”. Using One Is Crucial For Practicing All Guitar Techniques, Not Just Strumming!

Professional musicians as so used to incorporating metronomes into their practice time that they hear them in their sleep… I know I do!

Next up we’ll look at how professional guitar players approach strumming and how it differs from what beginners will typically do.

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