Essential Guitar Strums And How To Make Your Strumming Sound Professional

Unfortunately, the art of strumming guitar is often a neglected topic in many guitar courses yet it’s an essential technique. If you never learn how to strum properly you’ll never be able to play any songs.

Here’s the good news, simply by learning a handful of the right strumming patterns you’ll find they are all you’ll ever need to play most any song you hear! I refer to these as “Universal Strums”.

Learn This Short Group Of “Universal Strums” And You’ll Never Be Stuck On How To Strum Again

Strumming should feel automatic and second nature to the point where you don’t even need to think about it. Instead you can put all your concentration on the chord progressions in the song or simply in enjoying the music.

The following lessons will teach you not only some of the most powerful strums you can know but also how to solve many of the most common strumming problems beginners typically suffer from.

01. The Most Important Strum You Can Know! – Universal Strum No.1

02. How To Play A Classic 50’s Style Strum

03. Why Your Strumming Sounds Horrible And How To Fix It

04. The Best Way To Practice Strumming On Guitar

05. How Professional Guitar Players Strum

06. How To Play A Classic Country Strum

07. What Kind Of Pick Is Best For Strumming Guitar?

08. What Are Some Good Guitar Strumming Songs?

09. How To Tell Which Strum To Use For A Song

10. How To Play A 3/4 Strum

11. How Many Strums Do You Need To Know?