How Many Strums Do You Need To Know?

It only takes 6 strums to play practically any song you hear. The trick is to learn the right ones!

Many beginners believe that in order to play lots of songs you need to know lots of strums. The real truth however is that by simply learning ‘a handful’ of the right strums you can play the vast majority of songs you hear!

One of the reasons why the lessons on Guitar in a Nutshell are so popular is because the course teaches you these exact patterns. It simplify’s everything.

Here Are The 6 Custom Strums You Need

  1. Guitar in a Nutshell’s Strum No.1
  2. GIAN’s Strum No.2
  3. GIAN’s Strum No.3
  4. Accent Strum
  5. Shuffle Strum
  6. 3/4 Strum

There are of course others like the “classic country strum” I showed you in an earlier lesson however with the 6 strums listed above you really do have all you need to strum along with 1000’s of popular songs.

Inside the main course each one is taught with a lot of detail and the “Guitar Songs” section of the members area gives you lots of opportunities to put them into real use.

O.K… in the next module I’ll go into one of the most important things you need to understand when it comes to learning guitar – how to practice correctly.

95% Of Beginners Do This Wrong!

Don’t be one of them. The reason why learning guitar has such a high failure rate is not because students lack the necessary talent to play, it’s simply because no one ever took the time to show them how to practice correctly.

In the next module I’m going to take the time and show you how professionals do it. This training goes for all musicians regardless if you’re learning flute or guitar. The principals of practice are exactly the same.

Make no mistake about it, understanding how to practice guitar often means the difference between success and failure on the instrument. So let’s get started…

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00. Introduction

01. The Most Important Strum You Can Know! – Universal Strum No.1

02. How To Play A Classic 50’s Style Strum

03. Why Your Strumming Sounds Horrible And How To Fix It

04. The Best Way To Practice Strumming On Guitar

05. How Professional Guitar Players Strum

06. How To Play A Classic Country Strum

07. What Kind Of Pick Is Best For Strumming Guitar?

08. What Are Some Good Guitar Strumming Songs?

09. How To Tell Which Strum To Use For A Song

10. How To Play A 3/4 Strum

11. How Many Strums Do You Need To Know?