How To Play A 3/4 Strum

Here’s how to play a strum in three quarter time. It’s great for Bob Dylan and John Denver songs along with many others

It’s good for all guitar players to know a few strum variations in 3/4 time.

Not only does it feel like a breath of fresh air when so much of what we do is in 4/4 time but you also get some instant Bob Dylan happening on your guitar when you make the shift into 3/4 time.

It’s a strum which is perfectly suited to isolating bass notes from from the chords and in this video I’ve given you a regular version of the strum along with a simplified one.

Both sound good.

Try to keep your strumming light on the quick (Down Up) that happens in-between each bass note. This will help your accuracy when it comes to hitting the right string for the bass notes.

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