How Professional Guitar Players Strum

This video will clearly demonstrate how pro players strum and how it differs from what a beginner will do

The biggest difference between how professional players will strum and beginners is that pro players will create a clear distinction between the bass notes in chords and the actual chord.

This little trick instantly transforms strums into something which sounds much more musically refined and adds a ton of tight definition.

As Soon As You Learn The Basic Strums You MUST Push Forward Into This Idea Of Separating Bass Notes From Chords

The first step is to learn exactly where the bass note of every chord is located and there are also alternate bass notes which are important to understand as well.

From there you can begin to incorporate them into existing strum patterns you already know and lift them into a new level of refinement.

All this is covered in depth in the main course on this site.

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00. Introduction

01. The Most Important Strum You Can Know! – Universal Strum No.1

02. How To Play A Classic 50’s Style Strum

03. Why Your Strumming Sounds Horrible And How To Fix It

04. The Best Way To Practice Strumming On Guitar

05. How Professional Guitar Players Strum

06. How To Play A Classic Country Strum

07. What Kind Of Pick Is Best For Strumming Guitar?

08. What Are Some Good Guitar Strumming Songs?

09. How To Tell Which Strum To Use For A Song

10. How To Play A 3/4 Strum

11. How Many Strums Do You Need To Know?