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How To Get Perfect Sounding Guitar Chords

On this page you’ll learn the 3 most common reasons why your chords don’t sound as good as they should do and how to fix them.

Once you’ve learned the basic open shapes the next step is to make sure that whenever you play a chord it sounds full and clear. It’s not enough to simply put your fingers on the right strings and frets… there’s a lot more to it than that!

All kinds of strange noises, or no noise at all, can happen when you’re first getting to grips with guitar chords but the advice I’ll give here will solve 99% of those problems… along with a little practice of course!

Check Each One Of Your Chords String By String…

Make a list of any which aren’t working and use the 3 rules I give you to correct them. You’re playing will instantly sound much better as a result.

On the next page I’ll show you how all these seemingly random chords can actually be put together so they make perfect musical sense.

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Contents: Watch The Videos…

01. The 10 Essential Chords You MUST Know (Part 1)
02. How To Get Perfect Sounding Guitar Chords (NO BUZZING)
03. What Chords Go Well Together? How Are They Grouped Into Keys?
04. What Guitar Chords Are Most Used In Songs?
05. How To Change Chords Faster
06. What’s The Best Way To Find The Guitar Chords For A Song?
07. What Chords Are Good For Country Songs?
08. 3 All-Time Classic Chord Progressions To Practice
09. Ever Heard Of Guitar Gymnastics? Try These Stretching Exercises For Chords
10. Time For A Little Magic – How To Add Color And Spice Up “Boring” Chords

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