What Chords Go Well Together? How Are They Grouped Into Keys?

How to take all these random chords we’ve been going through and organize them into a perfect little musical family.

In order for guitar chords to really make “musical sense” you need to understand how they are grouped together into keys. A key is a collection of 7 chords where everything sounds good together and harmonious, it forms a kind of musical circle.

When you start to put the chords you know into a solid and logical framework music is going to start making a lot more sense. In short, it will remove a lot of the mystery about how all this stuff works.

The first 2 keys you should learn are C major and G major, if you’re wondering what chords go well together then this information is going to be enlightening for you!

All Songs Are Written Inside Of A Chosen Key. There Are 24 Of Them To Choose From And Each One Contains A Total Of 7 Chords

It’s not necessary to use all the chords contained in a key, in fact, many of the most well known hit songs contain only 3 or 4 chords the whole way through.

In the next section I’ll show you what chords you’ll come across most often in songs so if you’re looking for a place to start to practice then these two groupings of chords would be ideal.

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  1. what cords go with a b c d e f g should be a chart for this when u start with one of these coards what other coards goes with this one

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