How To Change Guitar Chords Faster

Check out this quick 4 minute video where I’ll show you a great trick for improving how fast you can change between guitar chords


It’s best to perform these exercises without strumming at first. After a few days of practice you’ll find that your fingers develop their own independence with what musicians refer to as “finger memory”. This is where your fingers will kind of ‘think for themselves’ and behave just as you have programmed them to.

Once you’re comfortable with the 3 connectors demonstrated here try adding in some strumming patterns and put it altogether.

I’ve given you just a short sample in the video but in the main course I run through all of them. They are super important!

Next up… The Best Way To Find The Chords To Your Favorite Songs

I’m going to recommend a site or two which are very useful when it comes to researching the chords for songs you want to play but I also have a few words of warning and a STRONG SUGGESTION TOO!

Continue > What’s The Best Way To Find The Guitar Chords For A Song?

Contents: Watch The Videos…

01. The 10 Essential Chords You MUST Know (Part 1)
02. How To Get Perfect Sounding Guitar Chords (NO BUZZING)
03. What Chords Go Well Together? How Are They Grouped Into Keys?
04. What Guitar Chords Are Most Used In Songs?
05. How To Change Chords Faster
06. What’s The Best Way To Find The Guitar Chords For A Song?
07. What Chords Are Good For Country Songs?
08. 3 All-Time Classic Chord Progressions To Practice
09. Ever Heard Of Guitar Gymnastics? Try These Stretching Exercises For Chords
10. Time For A Little Magic – How To Add Color And Spice Up “Boring” Chords

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