How To Add Color And Spice Up “Boring” Chords

Watch as I perform a little magic trick in front of your eyes by taking a boring chord change and turning it into something with much more depth and meaning

You know, with a few simple changes it’s possible to instantly transform many bland and boring beginner guitar chords into ones which have a lot more depth, mystery and emotional meaning.

The key is to learn different chord families and then apply those new colors into the progressions you already know. This is one of the best ways to escape out of ‘beginners guitar’ and elevate your playing to a more refined level

Adding Color To Chords Is One Of The Best Ways To Instantly Deepen How Good You Sound On Guitar

Most beginners start off by learning major and minor chords. As soon as you feel comfortable with them make sure you don’t stop! Keep learning new families of chords such as

  • Add nine chords
  • Major 7 chords
  • Minor 7 chords
  • Dominant 7 chords
  • Diminished chords

All these are taught in the main course!

Now let’s turn out attention to the other side of the coin… strumming. I’m going to show you all the essential strumming patterns you should know and how to make your strumming sound clean and professional.

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Contents: Watch The Videos…

01. The 10 Essential Chords You MUST Know (Part 1)
02. How To Get Perfect Sounding Guitar Chords (NO BUZZING)
03. What Chords Go Well Together? How Are They Grouped Into Keys?
04. What Guitar Chords Are Most Used In Songs?
05. How To Change Chords Faster
06. What’s The Best Way To Find The Guitar Chords For A Song?
07. What Chords Are Good For Country Songs?
08. 3 All-Time Classic Chord Progressions To Practice
09. Ever Heard Of Guitar Gymnastics? Try These Stretching Exercises For Chords
10. Time For A Little Magic – How To Add Color And Spice Up “Boring” Chords

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