How To Play Wonderful Tonight On Guitar

This kind of song is best played using arpeggio picking and little bass runs to smoothly connect the chord changes together. I’ve also included the melody line to make it instantly recognizable.

Remember to leave a comment below and tell me how you got on…

  1. love that song , thank you for your wonderful instructions, Cheers

  2. As always, you break it down into chunks that can be musically digested and perfected by anyone who makes a moderate or better effort.

    Great song!


  3. Great song! I love the way you break it down.

  4. I went on youtube to learn how to tune my guitar my mother gave me as a teenager (first time ever tuning it myself) and saw the website and started watching the free stuff. I have never played a note before. Wonderful tonight is one of my favorite songs in the world and your patient teaching style is just what I needed to give me the hope I can play too. I am 34 and I will be signing up with this site ASAP!

    • Hi Amber, definitely you can do succeed on guitar! Let me know how you progress and I’ll help you wherever possible.

  5. Love love that song. Thank you so much for your wonderful instructions.. Your are Amazingly talented, Cheers..

  6. Love it! You made it so easy to play and it sounds great!

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