Tequila Sunrise by The Eagles (Part 2)

  1. Hey Paul,
    I am using your course and think it is great! I can’t figure out how to download the tabs for the video lessons or the tabs to the free songs on the website?

    PS the melody lines are awesome, they take learning and playing to a whole new level!

    • Hi Jim,

      I haven’t uploaded the tabs for these song lessons yet but they’re coming. This is content from the older version of Guitar in a Nutshell, back by popular demand.

  2. Thanks Paul,
    ..all the songs we love.
    Your teaching style is easy to follow, and your pleasant voice keeps me calm when I get frustrated learning a song!

  3. Begetting to learn it, taking it slow to I get my speed back up. ;having played in a long time and getting my fingers back tough

  4. Great, easy play song…Thanks

  5. Love this lesson, easy to follow!! Great job.
    I was wondering if you might happen to have a lesson like this doing a Beatles song “The Two of us”?

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