How To Play Norwegian Wood On Guitar

An all time classic song written by John Lennon. It’s signature sound comes from the fact that it’s written inside a mode which is very typical of folk music.

Make sure you’re articulation is clean and precise so that the moving bass line stands clearly above the chords you’re strumming.

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  1. Paul,

    Any chance of putting up the TAB file here so it can be downloaded?
    Backing track would be nice, too.

    Can’t hurt to ask since this is a free song, it just makes sense for a free song to make it all free: videos, tab and backing track (if it has a backing track).

    Your courses are really good even for intermediate players who can unlearn some bad habits and even if they are without anything bad to unlearn, your courses and these beginner tunes help “polish” even an intermediate player with a solid foundation for song learning and playing. Besides, while these tunes are simple, they are fun and an intermediate player can improvise with them.


  2. Yea thats right since the author was good enough to do a good deed once it only stands to reason they should spend the rest of their life satisfying your whims.
    Dont be cheap go out and buy something to support the people who do this craft for love. They need to eat too.
    Better yet publish something useful yourself!

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