How To Play Heart Of Gold On Guitar

This song features one of my favorite strums and melody lines in combination together. Once you’ve learned it slowly be sure to run it through the backing track software for the most fun playing it.

Click here for part 2

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  1. Again, looking for the backing track to show up here. Yes, I am an optimist but you usually come through so it’s your fault for encouraging high expectations from your courses and even these freebie tunes. 🙂


  2. Hello, I am playing guitar for many years.
    Most of time it was my hobby. Now, I have trubles with my hand thumbs and did not play for some time. I found a keyboards as substition gor the guitar.

    Couple of days ago I meet your website, I do not remebmer how.
    I am investigating on the web for music schools.
    I found that you are realy spetial teacher, simple and practical in explanation. You make me to take my old Fender F-35 again and try to learn something from you.

    I am far a way from beginers but country guitar was my wish long ago.
    I lost my job from 1. Jan. this year and can not take your course in this moment, but I am happy for your free lessons and everything.



  3. I am at the stage where strumming and rhythm are great but this is what my next steps need to be.You make easy to understand.Love your videos .keep up the great work !!!

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