How To Play Have You Ever Seen The Rain by CCR

  1. I’ve progressed more from your teaching than from anything I’ve tried before. I like the logic behind the way your lessons build on one another and the way you teach chords and strumming together.

    With these song lessons, I enjoy your working melody into the song, rather than just strumming chords.

    How do I access your TAB for these songs?
    Thanks again for all you do.

    • Hi, thanks for you kind words! The TABs are coming soon, just have to upload them… but they’re ready and waiting.

    • Hallo, ich finde die Art und weise wie sie die Lieder spielen sehr beeindruckend. Das Zusammenspiel von Akkorden und Melodie
      gefällt mir sehr gut.
      Würde mich sehr freuen, wenn sie mir die TAB von ihren Liedern Senden würden.

      mit freundlichen grüßen


      • Google Translate…

        Hello, I find the kind and wise as they play the songs very impressive. The interaction of chords and melody
        I like very much.
        Would be very happy if the TAB would of their songs send me.

        yours sincerely,


  2. Any chance the backing track for this tune will show up here?
    I’ll put it on my bucket list. 🙂

    Fantastic tune!d


  3. A more accurate translation of Manfred’s complimentary comments.
    “Hello, I find the skill and execution of the way you play the songs very impressive. Your combination of chords and melody is very pleasing to me. I would be very happy (grateful) if you would send me the TABS for your songs (probably this one).

    Google Translate doesn’t do so well with German grammar or syntax. Ah well, probably the best we have.

    I also would be very grateful if you could post the tabs for this.

  4. Could you please put on the tabs for this song. Cheers

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