Easy Songs To Play On Acoustic Guitar

Here’s a nice example of an easy guitar song, “All My Loving” by The Beatles. What’s nice about it is that it contains the melody line inside the chords which really helps to make the song instantly recognizable to whoever is listening to you.

They’ll enjoy your playing much more because of this and think you’re a much better player too!

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  1. How about putting the TAB this here for download?

    Simple but the melody makes it great and allows for filling in once the melody is down pat.

    Great stuff!f


  2. What make of guitar do you use? It sounds good and I am about to buy an acoustic guitar – steel string. Can you make a recommendation?

    • Hello I have a Taylor 414CE and a Martin as my main acoustic guitars.

  3. I enjoyed the first part,Have you any more tabs/instruction for “ALL My Loving” please

    Kind regards – John

  4. I wanted to know if it was possible if I could get the tabs for this song please so I can follow along with the video.

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