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Keys, Guitar Songs And Chords

The “technical” side to music is often scary to beginners for two main reasons. The terminology can be intimidating. (Phrygian dominant mode of the harmonic scale anyone?) Teachers are generally pretty made at breaking it down to where it’s easy to understand. When you combine both those


Guitar Music Theory For Complete Beginners

Have you ever heard the phrase “Knowledge is Power”? By understanding a little about how music actually works you’ll become a much better guitar player… It’s not as hard as you think! In this series of new video lessons you’ll learn a lot about music theory for


Why You Shouldn’t Buy An Expensive Guitar

I know from my experience as a professional guitar teacher that a large percentage of so-called beginners have actually been playing for many years. While it is true that 99% of the time the reason someone has not succeeded in their efforts to play guitar is simply


Suspended Guitar Chords And How To Use Them

Most students taking beginner guitar lessons will start learning basic open major and minor chords immediately. These are our ‘campfire song’ chords and are essential knowledge for anyone wanting to learn easy guitar songs. Major and minor chords are made up of 3 notes which together we


3 Secrets To Speed Up Your Chord Changes

If you’re having trouble not being able to change chords as quickly as you’d like then you should find the following helpful… Step One: Use “Connector” Points If we take a look at the change between Em to G for example you can see that your first


Dominant 7 Chords Made Easy

Let’s talk a little bit about acoustic guitar chords and in particular, dominant 7 chords which are one of the basic ‘must learn’ chord families every guitarist should know. Chords are divided up into families which is a very natural way of grouping them together especially as