Guitar Music Theory For Complete Beginners

Have you ever heard the phrase “Knowledge is Power”? By understanding a little about how music actually works you’ll become a much better guitar player…

It’s not as hard as you think!

In this series of new video lessons you’ll learn a lot about music theory for guitar and realize just how simple it can be to understand when it’s explained correctly. All too often guitar students are taught music theory in a way which is overly complex and confusing, well, if you know anything about Guitar in a Nutshell it’s this… we love to make things simple to learn for beginners!

The lessons are designed in such a way that you’ll be taken from zero to gradually understanding all the important ‘musical mysteries’ such as how keys and scales work, how to transpose songs, how chords are named, how progressions are notated plus so much more. It should be of great benefit to your guitar playing and will certainly lift you into a higher level as a musician. You’ll even have the power to begin writing your own songs if you wish.

These guitar music theory lessons should “shine a light” and remove much of the mystique!

  1. It’s impossible to understand anything about theory without first learning the basic building blocks of music – the 12 notes.
  2. Next we’ll look at the structure of keys and how easy they are to understand once you learn the formulas.
  3. Chords are formed from individual notes and here I’ll show you how all the different ones are made up again with simple formulas.
  4. Ever been confused by seeing something like F#m7b5? Well after this lesson you won’t be confused anymore!
  5. Now we turn our attention to the other side of the coin – from harmony to melody.
  6. This is a re-cap lesson which will quickly put everything we’ve learned so far into focus so you won’t lose your way.
  7. It’s very easy to be able to transpose songs into different keys or notate progressions once you know how!
  8. Many people wrongly believe that minor and major are two different keys – they are not! Here I’ll show you why…
  9. Knowing how to substitute chords with close relations is something which will lift your musicianship into a more refined level.
  10. Chord extensions next… I’ll explain all the symbols, what they mean and how to ‘decipher’ even the most complex chord notation.

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