All The Strums You’ll Ever Need To Play Any Song On 1 DVD!

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  2. In the search bar type in “learn guitar
  3. You should find my DVD on page 1

In this DVD I’ve opened Pandora’s Box on my 20 most important and essential guitar strumming patterns. These are all you’ll ever need to play practically any song you hear. You’ll learn everything the PRO’s either don’t know or won’t teach you!

Specifically, you’ll discover…

  • A complete library of strums allowing you to play practically any song you hear from here on out. (You’ll know which strum fits any song within seconds of hearing it!)
  • How to make your strumming sound smooth and professional using a simple 3 STEP FORMULA. (If your strumming sounds bad I guarantee you’re doing one or even all 3 of these fatal mistakes!)
  • How to instantly ‘hear’ in your mind the correct strum you should use for any song. (When you experience this for the first time it’s going to feel a little weird!).
  • The secret to changing smoothly between all your chords while strumming with no more annoying gaps! (Professional players do this unconsciously without even realizing it).
  • The ultimate way to practice and improve as quickly as possible. (My practice routines will skyrocket your rate of improvement on guitar.)

Comes With A FREE Gift (Limited Stock)

To congratulate you on being an early-bird I’m throwing in a complete set of professionally recorded backing tracks so you can play along to each strum with a full band behind you!

homeguarantrans30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The LAST thing I want is an unhappy customer. If for any reason (or none at all) you’re not 100% delighted with this product I’ll refund every penny. No questions asked.

All The Strums You’ll Ever Need To Play Any Song On 1 DVD! July 24, 2014