Classical Guitar Course

Probably the easiest guitar course you’ll find anywhere online for learning to play classical guitar! I made this one especially with beginners in mind.

Here’s What I Did

I went through the repertoire and personally hand selected some of the best sounding, easiest to play classical guitar pieces. Then I broke each one down into dead simple bite-size pieces and recorded 16 video lessons so you could easily learn how to play them too. (The video you watched above is a sample from video #14.)

What You’ll Find Inside

  • The easiest Classical guitar course you’ll find anywhere on the internet. (Most classical courses are “out of reach” of the average guitarist but not this one!)
  • Step by step instruction on all the most common & essential techniques. (Everything from how to get the best tone to beautiful cadences.)
  • 16 step-by-step video lessons showing you how to play a wonderful collection of beautiful classical guitar pieces. (I personally hand picked each one.)
  • A complete Course Book with all the TABs so you can follow along with the video instruction note for note. (Print it out as the perfect companion to the video lessons.)
  • Sublime sounding music from old-time master composers such as Carulli, Carcassi and Schubert. (Experience what it’s like to play music written by real masters.)
  • A new method which shows you how to quickly & easily add this new style of guitar to your playing. (You’ll see the results in less than 30 days from starting!)
  • An open door invitation into an entirely new style of guitar. Like a breath of fresh air through your playing

This course will teach you how to play the most rewarding of all acoustic guitar styles… Travis Picking. You’ll be able to make every song you play instantly recognizable because the melody is included within all the chords.

Personal Support

You get access to my “customer only email address” which guarantees a reply from me directly with any questions or help you might need along the way while learning this course.

I only give this out to customers in order to keep the numbers down otherwise I’d be swamped with requests and unable to keep up. It’s for students only.

homeguarantrans30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Order today and try the course for a full 30 days. Watch all the videos, print out the course book and get stuck in… if you don’t think you got your money’s worth email me here and I’ll refund every penny.

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  • Easy to follow video lessons
  • Course book (note for note TAB)
  • Download the course instantly
  • World class support & encouragement
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime access to all future updates

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