The Third Golden Rule To Play Acoustic Guitar Perfectly…


That’s simple enough! However many people lose motivation to continue on guitar. Let’s look at the main pitfalls facing you on your journey.

The number one reason most beginners fail and quit is frustration. Frustration occurs whenever you don’t succeed! What happens when you’re receiving poor instruction on guitar?

1. You don’t succeed

2. You experience frustration

3. You don’t improve

4. You quit

It’s really important to not get emotionally attached to your guitar playing when you are trying to improve. My advice is this

Do your little bit of daily practice and forget about it

Regardless of whether you have improved or not, regardless of whether is seems impossible or not – forget about it. Don’t let your results on guitar have an emotional power over you. I promise you that all things come with time and regular habit. The power of persistence is quite incredible not only in human behavior but also in nature. Entire continents have moved and shifted 1000’s of miles, inch by inch over millions of years all through the habit and persistence of the forces acting upon them.

At times barre chords or some other techniques on guitar could seem just as massive an occurrence!!! But we all go through those barriers, your difficulties are experienced by 99% of beginners learning to play guitar.

Find good quality lessons, learn how to practice correctly, stay within your technical range, practice a tiny bit each day…

Those are the things so far I’ve tried to convey to you about succeeding on guitar in this series of articles. Follow them and your chances of success will skyrocket from what they are now!