The Second Golden Rule To Playing Acoustic Guitar Perfectly…

In the first article we looked at the importance of practicing slowly and perfectly, so slowly that it was impossible for you to make a mistake. The result of which would be that your mind would be programmed so perfectly that adding speed without mistakes becomes easy.

Now it’s a question of REALITY…

The Second Golden Rule Is:

Don’t Attempt To Play Things Which Are Currently To Hard For You

Now don’t get me wrong… if you are an advanced player then by all means, learn advanced things, but the chances are that you are a beginner and that’s very different. I know you may be itching to learn a favourite song but you have to be realistic and earn the right to be able to learn it!

By working at learning things which are within your current technical level you’re going to build a ladder to more advanced things later on. This is called ‘an even learning curve’ and it’s vital to understand it’s importance for your success in playing acoustic guitar.

Enjoy Success In Learning Guitar Instead Of Creating Frustration

I can almost guarantee you that if you leap too far ahead into things which are too difficult for you it’s going to be a one way street to frustration and you’ll lose your motivation.

Success breeds Success! You build a ladder, an even learning curve, by learning new things successfully time after time after time. Choose things which are not beyond your current ability and look forward to the time when that song or riff you really dream of playing will be within reach.

There Are Many People Failing On Guitar For This Reason

Your improvement will come quickly. By practicing slowly and perfectly and staying within your range as a beginner guitar player your ensuring that your improvement rate will be as fast as possible for your natural ability on guitar. You’ll enjoy the experience of learning to play guitar so much more, you’ll feel a constant sense of achievement and forward motion that it will encourage you to keep going.

Try it! Change the way you approach learning guitar and you’ll see the difference, I promise.