Guitar Lessons In Cork

Guitar in a Nutshell was started in Cork in 2006 and has gone from strength to strength. You can access all the courses instantly here.

When searching for guitar lessons in Cork a number of options are available. Aside from asking around, if your area is lucky enough to be serviced by a local newsletter you could find a guitar teacher advertising in the classifieds.

The notice boards at the library or supermarket can also sometimes display ads but it’s a long shot for finding guitar lessons.

As the internet becomes more popular a search on Google can be very helpful. You’ll find guitar lessons being advertised on a lot of the local forums such as and Peoples Republic of Cork for example.

With these ads you’ll be able to find the contact info and location of tutors offering guitar lessons in Cork quite quickly. Be sure and phone a few before making a final decision!

When searching for a guitar teacher it’s very important to communicate clearly what you would like to be able to play. You want to be sure that the tutor is experienced and able to teach you the kinds of music you are interested in learning. The standard of guitar lessons can vary considerably so choose your tutor with caution.

If you are not happy with your lessons from a particular tutor, stop! Find someone else. Often guitar lessons are not so cheap so it’s important you feel your receiving good quality instruction and making genuine progress. Guitar Lessons in Cork: Guitar in a Nutshell

We at Guitar in a Nutshell offer a complete service for guitar lessons in Cork.

Tutors are trained in how to teach guitar effectively and use a proven syllabus designed for beginners through to advanced levels on guitar. Course books are available to accompany the lessons along with Practice CD’s too!

When searching for guitar lessons it’s very important that your tutor is a good communicator. Does he or she have an open and friendly personality? Do they understand how to see things from your point of view as the beginner? Do they prepare and structure their lessons professionally?

Don’t be disappointed if the first tutor you try for guitar lessons is not satisfactory. There are some excellent and very experienced people who give guitar lessons in Cork, you just have to put in the effort to find them!