About Guitar in a Nutshell

paulHello, this is Paul.

Guitar in a Nutshell™ is a specialized method for learning guitar. It’s perfect for beginners or anyone who’s been having trouble ‘putting it all together’.

The concept is to make guitar as easy as possible through presenting the information in a way which is very much “to the point” and simple to follow along with. That’s how it got the name “Guitar in a Nutshell”.

While working as a professional guitar teacher I was able to gain many thousands of hours of experience teaching all kinds of people to play guitar. I quickly learned that most beginners are very much alike in terms of the problems and difficulties they face when learning to play guitar.

I made it my mission to find easy ways around the most common beginner problems so that my students could achieve their musical ambitions such as playing their favorite songs as quickly as possible. Many of the techniques I developed to fast track my private students developed into the the core Guitar in a Nutshell syllabus.

To that end, I owe a lot to all my students. It was only through them that I was able to create the teaching system we have today on the site.

Around 2007 I decided to start putting my lessons online and to my surprise the videos started to attract a lot of views and attention.

Today the site has grown into hundreds of great lessons and  is well known as being one of the best methods for beginners wishing to learn acoustic guitar online.

About Guitar in a Nutshell March 19, 2013