How To Play Country Roads

  1. Hi Paul…This looks like the beginnings of a Chord/Melody course coming up. Exactly what I thought I would like to study along with just about everything else you offer!

    You are the best for beginning/intermediate and improving players no doubt – we need you, so keep doing what you are doing and we will support your efforts. (I believe I am not alone in what I say about students of guitar).

    Best wishes from Thailand.

    Tony Tucker

    • Hi Tony, thanks for your kind words and support. I appreciate it very much. I think you might be my only customer in Thailand!

  2. Paul, I am considering purchasing your Guitar Course because I have found from your YouTube videos that your method of Teaching appeals to my way of Learning.

    However, I do not want to be having lessons, shall we say for the rest of my life, being 67 years old. I was wondering that if I go ahead and purchase your Courses, will I be able to cancel at any time or will I be committed for a specific amount of time?

    Look forward to hearing your comments soon as I want to get on and improve my playing.

    • Hi John, if you join the site you can cancel at anytime for any reason. Just email me here and I’ll take care of it that same day.

  3. Love your lessons but for the 20th time or so, I have never had reliable internet, not even reliable enough to download….sell me discs or MP3’s and I’l spend, spend, spend and I’m sure only second to teaching me that is your aim. So please, for the love of God or what ever Deity you worship (or not) sell me some disks or MP3’s

    Thanks Paul and all your marketing minions for listening to my rant

  4. P.S. I’ll take the whole lot if you put them on disk, I am in Rio de Janeiro and my internet _______ (you choose the adjective) and will not reasonably allow me to use it with success

  5. Thanks Paul, very good lesson!

    • Thank you Bernhard, the next one is coming soon.

  6. Hi Paul.I’m not sure if I ordered your Spanish Guitar correctly because I havn’t received any confirmation or any reply. Can .Hope to hear from you soonyou please check this out , as Im very keen to get started. Also can you tell me if I’ll received CD’s or is this all on a download.Hope to hear from you soon.George

    • Hi George, sure thing! Can you send this into support here please?

  7. Would really like if you put a chord/ melody course together. Maybe take the top song suggestions.

    • Hi William, can you get me started with some song suggestions?

  8. Could you please do a lesson on” Me and you and a dog named blue” by Lobo

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