How Can You Tell If Your Guitar Teacher Is Good Or Not?

Many Guitar in a Nutshell members may also be attending 1-1 or class guitar lessons with a guitar tutor in their local area. Combining guitar lessons online and personal lessons with a teacher is probably the fastest way to reach your goals on guitar. The question is this…

How do you know if your guitar teacher is good or not? What should they be doing for you?

Firstly a good guitar teacher will listen to what your personal ambitions for guitar are and tailor make the lessons so you can achieve it. Your lessons will be designed around the information you have given him or her such as the songs you would like to play or the type of music you like. A good guitar teacher will personalize and structure lessons to you as an individual.

Secondly, a good guitar tutor will make things easy!

This means that they will try to find ways for you to have the easiest possible path in learning guitar. They will focus in on your problem areas and present you with the solutions on how to solve them.

Thirdly your guitar teacher should be a great communicator with an open and talkative personality. You should like them as people! When a teacher has a warm personality and is able to communicate effectively you’ll feel free to ask any question no matter how stupid you may think it is.

Another important aspect to look out for is homework. At the end of each lesson you should have notes written out for you or some photocopied materials ECT to work on for homework that week. This shows that your teacher is a professional one who takes his guitar tuition seriously and will provide you with clear and constructive things you can do at home for practice.

Lastly, your guitar teacher should be able to teach!

I know this sounds obvious but there are lots of ‘false guitar teachers’ advertising their lessons out there. They are great at playing but hopeless and teaching. As a student you’re far better off going to an average player who can teach well than an expert player who can’t teach at all… go see the expert player at his next gig instead and give his lessons a miss.