Guitar in a Nutshell

The web is full of guitar websites however one in particular is turning heads called Guitar in a Nutshell. It’s a specialist site built for complete or struggling beginners and promises to teach a unique and compact system of strums and chords. Once learned, the method opens the door to 100’s of popular songs in a short space of practice time.

It achieves these results through a small set of universal strum patterns which can be applied and reused over a massive range of songs and by incorporating a proper system for practicing effectively. This is all supported by Songbooks which demonstrate how to put into action everything you’ve learned almost immediately.

A Review of Guitar in a Nutshell

It takes just 4 lessons from an online DVD to learn the basic system behind Guitar in a Nutshell, hence its name. The subject of how to practice correctly is also a very important aspect as without students will experience a high failure rate. Following from the initial 4 lessons, improver and intermediate levels are also available with an even learning progression.

Apart from beginner students, Guitar in a Nutshell is also a powerful tool for those how have been playing for years but have never been able to push through a beginner level on the instrument. They are stuck in ruts and despite apparent ‘practice’ going absolutely nowhere. This class of student is actually surprising common.

This is largely explained by substandard teaching methods and a general lack of clarity from guitar lessons in general about how beginners really learn effectively.

The Conception of Guitar in a Nutshell

A hallmark of Guitar in a Nutshell is the clarity it delivers in online lessons, generally its objective is to ensure that every lesson is understood 100% by any student who watches it. The method was actually born out of teaching real life beginner guitar students on a 1-1 basis. Through this work it was noticed that essentially they all shared the same challenges and problems when trying to learn the instrument.

Guitar in a Nutshell was devised as a universal solution to all those beginner students. A way of catapulting them into confidence on guitar.

I encourage to look far and wide when deciding on which guitar lessons to take, choose the best ones you can find. Just remember to include Guitar in a Nutshell in your searching and give the sample lessons a go, you may be quite surprised.