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Travis Picking Course

What You’ll Learn

This course will teach you how to play the most rewarding of all acoustic guitar styles… Travis Picking. You’ll be able to make every song you play instantly recognizable because the melody is included within all the chords.

Video Lessons

I walk you through how to Travis pick in simple language and my famous step-by-step instruction. Simply follow the steps and you can’t help but succeed in learning to play this style of guitar to a high standard.

Each lesson begins with a full speed play-through of what we’re going to cover. Then I break it down bar-by-bar before finally linking it all back up together at a much slower practice speed. No one makes Travis Picking easier to learn than me! Trust me, I’ve bought everyone else’s courses!

  • How to train your thumb to function completely independently from your fingers. This is actually the key to unlocking this entire style of playing.
  • The most popular Travis picking patterns. These are perfect for all those old songs including the entire catalog of early Bob Dylan.
  • Essential chords, transitions, cadence points, progressions and more.
  • A library of exercises & workouts to include in your practice sessions. These work wonders and just like an army drill sergeant will quickly whip your fingers into shape!
  • How to develop tapestry so your playing sounds polished and professional… every bar you play will be different even though you’re not thinking about it.
  • Easy pieces to get you going right up to full songs. If you can play the songs included at the end of this course you’ll know for sure that you’ve got it!
  • My signature easy learning curve style of teaching guaranteed to get you there.
  • Hands down the easiest course you’ll find anywhere online teaching you how to play the awesome sounding style of guitar!

Course Book – 40 Pages

Every note, pattern, progression and more is tabbed out EXACTLY as I play it in the videos. In fact, I don’t play anything that isn’t written down in your course book.

Simply download it, print it off and you’re good to go. The TAB is large and clear with the book weighing in at 40 pages of pure guitar gold.

  • Every note I play clearly laid out
  • Large font and TAB diagrams makes it easy to read
  • Print it out for future reference
  • The complete blueprint to Travis picking in your hands!

Personal Support

You’ll also get access to my “customer only email address” which guarantees a reply from me directly with any questions or help you might need along the way while learning this course.

I only give this out to customers in order to keep the numbers down otherwise I’d be swamped with requests and unable to keep up. It’s for students only.

  • Contact me personally for 1 on 1 expert help
  • Fast response times and attention
  • Expert guidance to ensure you get there!
  • Plenty of encouragement and extra motivation included :-)

homeguarantrans30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Order today and try the course for a full 30 days. Watch all the videos, print out the course book and get stuck in… if you don’t think you got your money’s worth email me here and I’ll refund every penny.

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  • 2hrs 25min of video lessons (29 videos)
  • 40 page course book
  • Download the course or watch it online
  • Fully iPad/iPhone compatible
  • Customer Only email address + World class support
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime access to all future updates

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