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Why Your Strumming Sounds Horrible And How To Fix It

Here are 3 important things you must do in order to achieve a nice strumming sound on guitar

As a full time guitar teacher I saw many students who could change chords reasonably well but their strumming sounded absolutely horrible… worse than awful! It was painful to listen to 🙂

In 95% of cases the reason why they it sounded bad was because they were doing one of the 3 things I talk about in this video.

If you have too much tension in your right arm then your strumming is doomed to sound bad and it’s not the easiest thing in the world to fix either because it feels nature for you to strum in that fashion.

Be Lazy In Your Strumming Action. Don’t Put In A Lot Of Effort. Everything Should Be Light, Relaxed and Smooth.

The key is to let your arm simply ‘fall across the strings’.

The pick you use is also super important and will dramatically alter how your strumming sounds on guitar. I’ll give you my recommendations for plectrums later in this module.

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00. Introduction

01. The Most Important Strum You Can Know! – Universal Strum No.1

02. How To Play A Classic 50’s Style Strum

03. Why Your Strumming Sounds Horrible And How To Fix It

04. The Best Way To Practice Strumming On Guitar

05. How Professional Guitar Players Strum

06. How To Play A Classic Country Strum

07. What Kind Of Pick Is Best For Strumming Guitar?

08. What Are Some Good Guitar Strumming Songs?

09. How To Tell Which Strum To Use For A Song

10. How To Play A 3/4 Strum

11. How Many Strums Do You Need To Know?